Dejhare (pronounce deɪ-Jhar) is an amazing artist with a very soulful approach to music and song. I had a chance to get to know the work of Dejhare during my recent review of a few of her songs in an article aptly titled The Phenomenal Music of Dejhare. The multi-talented songstress is quite a motivating figure and breeds some of the best music that life has to offer through hard work and artistic cultivation. Dejhare’s songs are universal in theme and idea and written around our shared humanity. There are few emotions that are universal and shared across ages, cultures, and personalities such as love, longing, trust, fear, and hope, and these are the emotions that Dejhare tackles in her new album “Unbreakable”. She hopes that her songwriting talent and songs can help to inspire and heal others.

Dejhare newest offering is a brilliant and festive album comprised of twelve track entitled Unbreakable. This sonic masterpiece perfectly embodies the creative genius of Dejhare and her ‘skies-the-limit’ persona. Unbreakable draws elements from several genres, including, jazz, electronic, pop, r&b, soul, and world music. .After having lived and worked on four continents, Dejhare has a sound for people of all walks of life, a sound that is fully infused in her new album Unbreakable.

Unbreakable Track-by-Track Review

Trust My Love – A perfect way to open up this explosive journey, Trust My Love is a moving club hit that has a memorable hook and a strong rhythmic charm. Dejhare’s sincere vocal performance is a winner!

Be Mine – Stepping foot deeper into this escapade of delights, listeners are taken to distant worlds with love on their minds. Be Mine incorporates elements of jazz with a slick brass segment into its avant-garde structure, resulting in something truly exotic.

Time Is Everything – Dejhare changes up the pace with an enthralling pop ballad. The track’s melody shines forth a certain beauty that is reflective of its depth in lyricism. Time Is Everything also carries certain calypso overtone, which gives this nurturing groove a broad sense of timelessness.

Alone Long Enough – Dejhare’s inventiveness is truly one of a kind and Alone Long Enough is an excellent testimony of her talent in this regard. The song is about taking a romantic relationship to a deeper level. Usually, music of the same topic expresses the seductive side of such themes. Dejhare, however, truly makes this an affair of the heart with a crisp and refreshing message. The track’s downbeat cinematic measures provide a tempered podium for Dejhare to paint a picture upon the minds of her listeners with enchanting prose and refreshing shade of chorale.

Stand by Me – A beautiful song with inspiring lyrics that invoke the beauty of what love has to offer when it’s used to cultivate the heart. The track has a great bassline that works well with the synth.

Without You – This is a melody that brandishes a soft and funky musical structure. Without You turns out to be one of Dejhare’s most spirited performances.

No More Games – An epic track where someone is getting called out for playing love games. The music is equally dramatic.

Don’t Let Us Lose – Another startling performance by Dejhare. Listeners really get to see a glimpse of her vocal depth and the continuity of the Unbreakable album. Dejhare’s shines with an emotionally captivating performance in song.

The Best We Have Now – A great tune and upbeat melody that captures the beauty of love new and renewed. The song has a strong r&b vibe that is exemplified by the song’s rhythm guitar.

New Love – Moving at a slower tempo, Dejhare turns out another exotic classic with this excelling pop melody.

What Is Love? – A great song and favorite by Dejhare. The song’s universal theme is fitting for any occasion. The track’s moving melody fused with an intelligent definition of love is an unbeatable combo in this song.

Unbreakable – Dejhare concludes this journey with the album’s title track. The song is wonderfully draped in the beauty of acoustic instrumentation, Dejhare brings this conclusion to a delightful loving place.

Unbreakable by Dejhare is a must-have album for music enthusiasts and lovers of exotic melodies. The album rides upon themes of love and is able to reinvent its many aspects while innovating expressive forms of the world’s most sought after quality. Dejhare is able to do all of these things by just being herself and in this approach to music is the joy of life.



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