As a Renaissance man of the post-modern era, Aaron Todd is a master of many hats. The spirited author, musician, producer, and singer/songwriter turns up the volume once again with the release of his latest single Kissed By The Sun. Todd’s sophisticated sound and inspirational lyricism have given rise to a unique fusion that incorporates elements of blues, jazz, gospel, pop, r&b, and soul.

Kissed By The Sun begins with a strong beat draped with an enchanting piano measure. Todd’s moving vocal performance grabs the listener with its soulful flare. The music is enthralling and the lyrics put Todd’s audience in a skies-the-limit mood. Kissed By The Sun has a terrific lyric video, which adds to the depth of the track. Overall, Aaron Todd’s Kissed By The Sun is a flavorful masterpiece that has that little something for everybody.



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