Based out of California, the multi-talented Renaissance artist, musician, singer, and songwriter Estelle California lights up the music world with the release of the electrifying single titled Black Is The True Light. Estelle is a phenomenal musical activist who uses her talents to bring forth social healing and political awareness through melody and voice. Black Is The True Light is a captivating example of Estelle’s astonishing expertise.

Black Is The True Light is a very passionate and soulful track that is draped in musings of elegant chorale. Musically, Black Is The True Light draws from elements of funk, pop, and soul music genres that are imbued into a jazzy landscape. The song has a vibrant structure with an unorthodox blend of piano and brass across its slow tempo which gives credence to the track’s Saturnian symbolism and metaphors. Estelle ties everything together with an uplifting and equally innovative vocal performance that is crisp and distinct. Estelle California shines brightly with Black Is The True Light.

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