Over the past years, awareness about Moorish American culture and many of its associated philosophies and sciences have certainly increased tenfold. Many Moorish Americans are starting to let the world know about their heritage on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and etc.  Despite the sincere efforts of some Moorish Americans to educate others about their eclectic lifestyle, we also find reports in the media of Moorish Americans and Moorish charlatans getting busted for criminal activity. It has even been speculated that some law enforcement agencies have set up decoy Moorish leaders, who sell sovereignty packages and give half the money to law enforcement so that they can increase their arrest record by apprehending the same students that are consumers of this material.

Individuals who have discovered their Moorish roots and seek to get involved with their community without the hassles of afro-buffoonery and pointless scams can rest assure that there does exist organizations that are indeed flagships of Moorish pride and dignity. Below is a list and rank of the best organizations within the Moorish American community. The list was compiled based on the integrity of the organization and how well it is able to disseminate information in a responsible manner. Groups associated with the sovereign movement by mainstream media outlets do not appear on the list.

Number #1: Clock of Destiny National Order

(Moorish American Masonic Organization) If you are looking for a Moorish American organization that is strictly for the serious-minded individual and greets each member with the highest levels of culture and professionalism, then know that it doesn’t get any better than The Clock of Destiny National Order. Under the care and direction of the benevolent Nakim A. Bey and a caring family of Moorish Scientists, the Clock Of Destiny Order has evolved into the most effective Moorish American institution in the world.

The Clock of Destiny National Order’s primary interest is about the health and welfare of their community first and cares not to participate in hideous propaganda or debate. You will find many of its members working behind the scenes to advance the work of both Noble Drew Ali and C.M. Bey with the utmost honor. The Clock of Destiny National Order focuses on individual cultivation and the preservation and creation of a prosperous Moorish family. The industriousness of the Clock of Destiny National Order can be seen by its Moorish International College of the Great Seal of 360 Degrees. For more information, please visit their website: https://clockofdestiny.com

Number #2: Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. (1913)

(Moorish American Religious Organization) Due to its historical significance, it would be a crime for any newcomer to begin their search for Moorish American culture and not investigate the organization that Noble Drew Ali established, The Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. The organization maintains most of its original concepts and is frequented by many Moorish elders, who are endowed with wisdom and decades of experience.

Number #3: Ali’s Men

(Moorish American Fraternal Group) Heralded as the “Wu-Tang Clan of the Moorish Science Temple of America Inc.” comes a strong collective of Moorish American brothers popularly known as Ali’s Men. Although Ali’s Men operates more like a private brotherhood than a Moorish organization that is open for membership, it would do well for anyone interested in Moorish Science to get familiar with their work as a means of learning about the culture.

Amazingly, despite the polarizing personalities in Ali’s Men, anything from the steadfastness of martial artist Sharif Anael Bey, with a dash of synergy from brother Lasana Tunica-El to help keep the boat afloat and additional intelligent minds too numerous to mention, Ali’s Men is able to put their egos under the bus and focus on the common cause of propagating the proper history of the M.S.T.A. and some of its original values and teachings. For more information, please visit their website: https://alismen.com/

Number #4: Moorish World TV

(Moorish American Information Resource) Moorish Adept Taharka Aboke Bey has created one of the best YouTube platforms for M.S.T.A. adherents and newcomers alike. The show is called Moorish World TV. Although brother Taharka Aboke Bey has had his fair share of criticism by other Moorish groups and individuals, including myself, his efforts remain consistent and within the legal framework for Moorish Americans who exercise a more orthodox approach to Moorish Science as set forth in the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Moorish World TV is a great resource for newcomers who are trying to find legitimate avenues for law-abiding Moorish Americans that maintain faith in Allah and the United States of America. A lot of the material on the show exposes ‘dirty Moors’ and other fraudulent schemes falsely posing as Moorish Science. Feel free to add an extra star if you can get past Taharka Bey’s unique sense of humor. The good thing is that he announced a new format at the close of 2019, which seems to be working out pretty well. YouTube Channel.

Number #5: Moors In America

(Moorish American Information Resource) Moorish American author and philosopher Lloyd Douglas El has been a generation-mender and creator of a worthy resource called Moors In America. El’s Facebook group, YouTube Channel, and website are one of the most prominent and trustworthy resources in the Moorish American community mainly because his work doesn’t come with an agenda, save to unveil verifiable facts about Moorish American history. Moors In America’s Facebook group is probably one of the greatest steps towards uniting Moorish Americans from different paths as it hosts Moors of various backgrounds and people who have an interest in the culture under the same roof.

Lloyd Douglas El is highly regarded in the Moorish American community for his love for the culture and trustworthiness, which is one of his greatest assets. Be sure to bookmark the Moors In America website. Readers will find this portal very valuable in their efforts to learn more about the Moorish American experience. https://www.moorsinamerica.com/  https://www.facebook.com/groups/moorsinamerica/

Number #6: The Moorish American National Republic

(Moorish American Religious Organization) Often regarded as the “reincarnated temple” since it sails under the lineage of Reincarnated Prophet John Givens-El.  (Please note that “Reincarnated Prophet” is a title in Moorish Science.) The Moorish American National Republic follows a beautiful system of Moorish Culture and has a very close-knit community. Their website offers spurious amounts of information and also a way to apply for membership. Website

Number #7: The Moorish Science Temple of America – 1928

(Moorish American Religious Organization) Under the guidance and direction of the controversial Grand Sheik Ra Saadi El, The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 has established itself as a pure Islamic community and a rival to the Moorish Science Temple of America (1913). The M.S.T.A.-1928 made history as one of the few Moorish American groups, if not the first, to appear on ABC News in an effort to clarify and reveal the temple’s disdain for people claiming association with the M.S.T.A. while practicing sovereign citizen’s philosophy.

A few years back, The Moorish Science Temple of America – 1928 launched a cutting-edge website that played A Change Gonna Come by Sam Cooke when you open the page. The group also gave hope to Moorish American bachelors who no longer needed to visit a Jehovah’s Witness church to find a good wife, as they would often feature beautiful Moorish American women in their magazine series titled Islam In America. Today, however, the music is no longer on the M.S.T.A. – 1928’s homepage. The organization’s main focus is the religion of Islam. https://www.msta1928.org/.


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  1. Ali Salaam says:

    Great Article. Thank you for taking the time to publish this

  2. Shabak Amentuankh Khaires Herukhuti El, Pa-Heb says:

    Look into the JSW Moorish Temple of Amen-RA. They promote and practice STEAM. Science-Spirituality; Technology-Talent; Engineering-Economics; Art-Agriculture; Math-Mental Wellness.
    I’ve seen them at inner city schools; they have a college program as well and give out scholarships.
    They also conduct classes on Kushitic, Kemetic Spirituality and Moorish History at an African Museum. Really outgoing people.

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