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JunesFlow Captures The Spirit of Jit Dance With “Challenge”

Coming out of Detroit emerges one of the best examples of the music world’s new fusion of rap and electronica. Challenge by JunesFlow is a brilliant effort that is sure to put a taste of melodic innovation in your ears. Produced by Mark Cooper, Challenge is a track from the album Long Live Jit as the single covers the theme of Detroit’s legendary dance culture of Jit.

Challenge has a live beat with a nice synth lead and moving tempo that easily draws the listener’s attention. This vigorous groove is further enhanced by JunesFlow’s illustrious bars which add a smooth edge to this engulfing presentation. Challenge is a strong musical effort that keeps you in the vibe of Jit. The track’s theme is wonderfully captured in an accompanying music video that turns out to be a cultural salute of barbershop wisdom and dancing in the streets. Challenge by JunesFlow is an epic tribute to the culture of Jit Dance.