Alternative Music

Human Doll (feat. Eric “Well Written” McCoy) by Marcela Iglesias

As an actress, entrepreneur, media personality, mother, and wife, Marcela Iglesias stands as one of the great Renaissance women of our post-modern era. Marcela is the head of her own “Plastics of Hollywood,” the first “Human Doll House” and has a television show in the works. Amazingly, we find that much of Marcela’s career themes are eloquently expressed by her symphonious nature, which she has presented in the recent single Human Doll.

Released on March 9th, 2019, which happens to be the anniversary of the Barbie Doll, the track Human Doll is a spark of timeless vigor. Built upon a musical landscape of dance, electronica, and rap, Human Doll carries bright energy and a tantalizing theme of transforming oneself into a human doll by means of plastic surgery. The song features the expertise of rap artist Eric “Well Written” McCoy, who adds an organic depth and elements of fluidity to the overall structure of the song. Meanwhile, Marcela is able to hold her own and capture our attention through a spectacular vocal performance. Human Doll (feat. Eric “Well Written” McCoy) is music for bettering oneself.


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