Brooke Josephson

Originally from Warsaw, Indiana, Brooke Josephson is a woman many talents that is highly praised for her work as a singer and songwriter. Currently based out of Los Angeles, California, Brooke has a tremendous career and is a great source of inspiration for staying motivated as she embodies the spirit of a youthful musical veteran. Among her many accomplishments, Brooke has received several awards for her music and music videos, among these are the Global Music Award, Los Angeles Cinefest, and the International Independent Film Awards among others. Brooke’s recent release titled Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix) is a testimony of her empowering artistic energy.

Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix) is a captivating electro-pop tune that is infused with elements of electronica and dance. Brooke Josephson provides an eloquent vocal performance that serves as the anchor for the track’s hypnotic instrumentation. Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix) comes with an amazing video filled with futuristic landscapes that feed off of the track’s energy. Fans of pop music and dance will find Mr. Fix It (Rocky G Remix) by Brooke Josephson a groove of ultimate satisfaction.

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