Erica Nichole Waddell aka OXE’N has certainly expanded the horizons and definition of what a Renaissance woman means in this post-modern era. Her plight as an entrepreneur, singer, and rap artist has come after a long stench of life lessons. Although she had a well-raised childhood and loving parents, OXE’N  fell in love with the streets for a period of time, which led to her incarceration. It was during this period that OXE’N had her first child and also suffered the loss of her mother. Living up to the definition of her pseudonym, OXE’N relied upon hear inner strength to make a better life for herself and it was through such determination that her love for lyricism would open the doors to a whole new world.

Today, OXE’N is a well-respected female emcee that takes pride in toting her vixen swag. She has opened up for acts like Fabo, Rahiem, Wish Da Great, and was a headliner for Battle of the Bands with Kami Tee. OXE’N had the distinct honor of being among the featured artists at the Hip Hop Summit in Columbus, GA, coupled with an exclusive radio interview on 98.3 “THA BEAT”. OXE’N’s bar-for-body count vocal syntax is fierce. Her distinct prose and tone will keep you enchanted and in love with this diva’s electrifying vibe. OXE’N is soon to be branded with mogul status. Peace!


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