The First Lady of Hip Hop and 2020’s Woman of the Year Miranda Writes finds an incredible dose of inspiration in these turbulent times upon the release of her latest track Prosper. Over the past two years, Miranda Writes has evolved as an artist and human being. Each and every new song has become a gold brick on the road to legendary status for one of the fiercest emcees to ever bless the mic and Prosper continued this legacy.

Prosper is a bright effort wherein we find Ms. Writes toting her verbal skills and ability to overcome the mental opposition that some may pose. Rest assured Miranda Writes is going to continue doing what she does best as the bars keep dropping on time. Prosper possesses a hazy beat that premieres an amalgamation of trap and electronica. The energy of the track is a much-needed anthem of positive vibes and offers hope that any challenge can be endured and conquered. It is for this very same reason that Miranda Writes will always Prosper!

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