Currently based out of Los Angeles, California, the highly energized singer and songwriter Madeline Rosene turns up the volume on the music world once again with a new single titled Numb. Rosene is an attractive songstress and an equally exceptional musician. She learned how to play the guitar as a youth and began writing music as an adolescent. Rosene has built a musical catalog that is respondent to many of the things that people question about today’s reality, which adds greatly to the distinctiveness of her sound. Included in Madeline Rosene’s band are Alexander Williams (guitar), Julianne Quaas (keyboards, backup vocals), Zach Andrews (bass), and Justin Lund (drums).

Rosene’s recent single Numb is off of her album Raised On Porn. Numb is an incredible pop groove with a clear-cut melody that is led by strums of acoustic guitar, electric guitar swells, and a fluid bassline. Rosene’s vocal performance and theme of dark romanticism make Numb a truly memorable experience.

Aside from the track itself, the music video for Numb is a tremendous effort that greatly expands the theme of the song. The music video includes a wide cultural landscape that includes models from all ethnic and racial backgrounds and imaginative subliminal imagery that keeps the viewer intrigued. Numb by Madeline Rosene is one of the best pop songs this year!




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