Originally from Blackburn, Lancashire, ECHOGLASS is a truly amazing band with an organic sound that is both impressive and charming. Consisting of members DA McKenna (frontman), Remmy (guitarist), Bo Calista (bassist), and Bam (drums), ECHOGLASS carries the baton of symphonic determination and originality made popular through the influences of artists, poets, and legends of the craft like Shaun Ryder, Ian Curtis, Pete Shelley, Gary Aspden, LS Lowry, The Beatles, James, Oasis, Mark E. Smith, Ian Brown, and Morrissey for starters. The band’s newest release Little Harwood is capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

ECHOGLASS has made some excellent strides since their formation in 2016. As an independent band, the group has released several singles on Darkhouse Recordings. It is through their music that we become familiar with the band’s ingenious landscape of melodies that draw upon elements from several genres. The music of ECHOGLASS is a testimony of the group’s sophisticated style with a grassroots appeal, a quality that becomes clearer in view of the music that they have produced thus far.


The musical genius of ECHOGLASS keeps hem in a class of their own.


Relewased in 2017, the group’s debut single Last To Know was inspired by ECHOGLASS’ period roaming the great American wilderness. The song has a warm feel draws its influences from American country music. Last to Know is a delightful tune about love and loss. The song’s energy is a strong reminder not to let what is in front of us, cloud our vision about what is behind the object or experience seen. Last to Know is totally enjoyable.

Eyes is a very captivating song by ECHOGLASS. Eyes flirts along the borders of gothic pop and rock music. Listeners will find its innovative sound nostalgic and pleasurable. It’s an upbeat tune about the beauty of romance and attraction. Most of ECHOGLASS’ catalog comes with a music video, which is a really cool way to promote an artistic sense of illustrative and visual psychology along with their musical capabilities. Drowning is a perfect example of this. It’s beautiful pop song with brilliant structure and an accompanying video of memorable visuals. The country-pop song Memories is a captivating song that is somewhat cerebral in its approach. Musically, Memories is exceptional in its quality. The video captures the song’s theme through its visualization of touch.

The band’s second single, Blackburn Boulevard was released in early 2018. It’s a true rocker’s anthem about the joy of living a free-spirited life. The song’s catchy hook and bright instrumentation is a complete winner. Blackburn Boulevard comes with a video that expresses the sense of freedom that the song inspires. Listeners will gleefully find this song to be a source of rewind-button addiction. Blackburn Boulevard ends with a nice instrumental jam session.

This brings us to ECHOGLASS’ newest release, which dropped on May 1st 2018, entitled Little Harwood. An alternative rock tune that brandishes a snappy beat and some poetic lyrics, Little Harwood comes with a great storyline of a boy growing up to achieve his aims. The song is meshed with elements of psychedelic rock and funk. The presence of female backup vocals adds to the song’s nostalgia and distinction. ECHOGLASS has definitely found their signature groove with this single. Little Harwood is a masterful work that is witty in a rhythmic way.

Overall, I must say that ECHOGLASS is not only a great band, but a masterpiece in progress. Their music is innovative and speaks to a world audience wherein we find something for everybody. Still more fascinating is that similar to other musical legends of note, ECHOGLASS is perfecting itself in time, though each song leads the listener on an inward journey. ECHOGLASS makes music for the soul. Bravo!

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