Mercury usually goes retrograde approximately about three to four times a year. As the planet of communication, fates, finances, and technology, among other things, Mercury in its retrograde motion often translates to transmission and mechanical breakdowns. However, the upcoming Mercury retrograde in June will prove to be a fruitful time for many people.

Mercury retrograde 2020 begins on June 18 at 14° Cancer and ends on July 12 at 5° Cancer. Yet, we find a favorable Mercury-Sirius conjunction that will be largely helpful for business. Sirius is one of the brightest fixed stars in the sky and wields tremendous influence over our solar system.

Cancer is a zodiac sign associated with empathy, clairvoyance, and nurturing nature. During Mercury’s retrograde through Cancer, we can expect to see challenges in our emotional economy, being a bit more sensitive than at other times. We may make some incorrect observations about what is behind the veil or the hidden world may reveal some things about ourselves and how we look at the world that we may need to know. Over a period of 24 days, the lesson that we face during this Mercury retrograde concerns our emotional continuity and empathy towards others. Avoid being overcritical and at the same time do not be so quick to defend ourselves when we are being criticized.


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