Based out of Richmond, Virginia, the epic soundscape of the musical outfit known as Plunky & Oneness truly demonstrates the uplifting power of jazz, r&b, and soul music. As the brainchild of the highly talented and renowned musician, performer, producer, saxophonist, and songwriter J. Plunky Branch, coupled with the vocal prowess of lead singer Charlayne “Chyp” Green aka Oneness, Plunky & Oneness take us on a melodic voyage with an impressive serving of Black cultural artifacts contained within the rhythms of their new album Afroclectic.

Released in 2019 under J. Plunky Branch’s N.A.M.E. Brand Records, Afroclectic is a 16-track masterpiece that is free-flowing and melodically cinematic. Plunky & Oneness’ festive tour of sound begins with the stirring taste of brass seduction with Phunk Jam. This is certainly a captive piece that imbues a wide range of moods and nocturnal yearnings.

Next, we come to the enchanting groove of Rise. The track features the poetic expertise of spoken word artists Ngoma Hill and Olamina. Rise’s whispering hints of saxophone and hip-hop styled drum patterns pull us into a soul-searching state of mind with an embedded resolve of becoming the best that we can be. The music video for Rise does a great job of expressing the composition’s flare of sophistication and depth that permeates throughout Afroclectic.

Afroclectic’s musically continuity is equally matched by its harmonic and vocal performances. Tracks like Crazy Lately and the racy Dance The Night Away. Overall, Afroclectic by Plunky & Oneness is a treasure chest of empowering anthems and musical scenarios that wonderfully come to life through instrumentation and voice.


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