Based out of Bethesda, Maryland, the five-piece rock and soul band called The Sidleys have just released an awesome album titled Breathless. Comprised of members Steve Sidley (lead guitar, vocals), Annie Sidley (guitar, vocals), Sean Sidley (drums), Ian Sidley (keyboards),  and Colin Sidley (bass), The Sidleys stand as an amazing entourage of musicians that have been able to turn a family affair into a scrumptious gathering of melody. The Sidleys center around the songwriting expertise of the husband and wife team Annie and Steve Sidley. The group has become one of the top indie acts in the Maryland and Washington DC area with a new album that is absolutely amazing.

Breathless is infused with a rich organic sound of soulful rock that grabs you by the ear. The album opens with a vibrant melody titled Lately I Don’t See You Anymore. The song is a great example of the band’s endearing musicianship and harmonic inventiveness. The Sidleys have put together a remarkable collection of tunes that unfold like a cinematic storybook. Breathless, the album’s title track, is a stirring ballad that is led by layered guitar strums and the earthshattering vocals of Annie Sidley. Breathless concludes with the enchanting sounds of Ghost, a track that is both contemplative and introspective.

Overall, Breathless by The Sidleys is an exquisite masterpiece. This is one group that has demonstrated what beauty a love for music can produce and use this medium of sound to instill a passion for their lifetime craft in their audience.

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