How Long Do We Continue To Walk The Gates?


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I am sure that many of us who are on the Asuric Path, may have asked this question at one time or another. Just how long does the GateWalker continue to Walk the Gates? The answer would lie in the example and words of the keeper of the tradition himself, the Mad Arab.

In the Mad Arab’s First Testimony, it seems as if he has violated the Chaldean Covenant. Notice what he writes in his Testimony:

“I pray the Gods that I am saved, and not perish as did the Priest, ABDUL BEN-MARTU, in Jerusalem (the Gods remember and have mercy upon him!). My fate is no longer writ in the stars, for I have broken the Chaldean Covenant by seeking power over the Zonei. I have set foot on the moon, and the moon no longer has power over me. The lines of my life have been oblitered by my wanderings in the Waste, over the letters writ in the heavens by the gods.”

This is a very interesting passage from the Mad Arab, for it lets us know that we are the Ancient Ones, when understood in its proper context. In the above passage the Mad Arab mentions that he spent his time ‘wandering in the Wastes.’ This is indeed a characteristic that describes the workings of the Ancient Ones. Notice what is written by the Mad Arab in his Second Testimony:

‘And there shall forever be War between us and the Race of Draconis, for the Race of Draconis was ever powerful in ancient times, when the first temples were built in MAGAN, and they drew down much strength from the stars, but now they are as Wanderers of the Wastelands,”

The Mad Arab specifically mentions that those who are of the Race of Draconis are now as Wanderers in the Wastelands. The Mad Arab in the passage prior describes himself as such a Wanderer. What does the Mad Arab mean by ‘wandering in the Wastes?’

Many newcomers to the Asuric Path will often find themselves taking the side of the Elder Gods versus the Ancient Ones. Yet, as the GateWalker begins to mature, he or she, will begin to realize that the rivalry between the Elder Gods and the Ancient Ones does not really concern itself with a Galactic War, but with stages of initiation. The representation of the “Elder Gods” in the Simon Necronomicon is really a description of the forces that are indeed Qlipphotic, but concern themselves with daily affairs of life and are thus planetary and can be calculated. However, we find that the Ancient Ones are among the Unzoned Stars and represent chaotic forces that exist outside the realm of planetary time.
In the Somion’s Necronomicon introductory notes, underneath the topic SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TO 777, it gives us the following correspondence:

2. Sphere of the Zodiac or Fixed Stars = ENKI, LUMASHI (IGIGI)

Interestingly, the Mad Arab in his First Testimony states the following:

“For this is the Book of the Dead, the Book of the Black Earth, that I have writ down at the peril of my life, exactly as I received it, on the planes of the IGIGI, the cruel celestial spirits from beyond the Wanderers of the Wastes.”

Once again we see a reference to the “Wastes.” However, we discover some other interesting things. First, the Mad Arab received this “book” ‘on the planes of the IGIGI, who he describes as cruel celestial spirits. This cannot really be the case since, as we discussed earlier, Enki is the Lord of The Watchers and corresponds to the Sphere of the IGIGI. The Sphere of the IGIGI, or Zodiac, lies beyond the wanderers of the Wastes. This would seem to imply that the “planets” just might be what the Mad Arab described as wanderers in the Wastes.

We discover the reality of just who the wanderers of the Wastes are, when we turn our attention to the Gate Incantation of Ninib, as it reads:

Spirit of the Wanderers of the Wastes, Remember!

We also find mention of the “Wanderers” in the Incantation of the Marduk Gate:

“MARDUK, who assigns the Wanderers their Places, Remember!”

This is quite fascinating as we may well be on our way to discovery of another deeper meaning held within the Simon Necronomicon. In the two above quotes we can see references to both Marduk and Ninib from which we can now identify the “wanderers of the Wastes.”

We are told in the MAGAN Text that MARDUK:

“He constructed Watchtowers for the Elder Gods
Fixing their astral bodies as constellations
That they may watch the Gate of ABSU
The Gate of TIAMAT they watch
The Gate of KINGU they oversee”

It would seem that this may be a reference to the IGIGI, but the IGIGI are of the realm of ENKI and they are not “fixed” or zoned like the planets, This would mean then that the Wanderers of the Wastes are none other than the Initiatory Gates. We discussed the fact that a “gate” is also a constellation in one of our previous articles that can be found here:

The planets are a part of a representation of a sphere of existence, but should not be mistaken for the sphere itself. Actually there are many planetary correspondences that do not apply to the sphere that the said planet is said to represent. So care should be taken to check the correspondences concerning a sphere and not a planet when we are going through our Initiatory Process of Walking. Additionally, in the book Gates of the Necronomicon, Simon makes mention of the fact that the Ancient Taoist viewed the “seven planets” as a dismal reflection of the “seven star” of the Big Dipper, plus they counted two invisible stars. This all seems to add up to the understanding that the solar system is the Underworld.

In one of our previous articles we find the following observation:

“I found an interesting definition of the Underworld, which Nergal rules, within the Theosophy Dictionary:

“A name for the after death state among the ancient Chaldeans, Babylonians, and Assyrians. These regions were reached after passing through the place of purgation (in a restricted sense therefore equivalent to the Greek Hades) which was ruled over by the Lady of the Great Land, called Nin-Kigal by the Assyrians and Allatu by the Babylonians. The entrance to this place was by means of the cave of Aralu.

The whole underworld was said to be ruled over by Nergal, god of wisdom, and was divided into seven spheres or regions, each under the guardianship of a watcher stationed at a massive portal. The deceased is represented as a traveler who must surrender a portion of his vestments (his sheaths of consciousness) to each one of the seven guardians in turn. “

This quote can be found here:

What is so amazing about this, is that it ties in perfectly with the Gate Incantation of NERGAL, which states:

“Gate of the Lord of the ARRA and the AGGA, Open!”

Also we find an article entitled, Planets, the Nature of the Wanderers,  find the following observation:

“The name planet means wanderer. The wanderers move in relation to each other and the stars, but they don’t wander all over. They stay in roughly the same orbital plane and are seen in the sky against that band of stars termed the zodiac. In mythology this zodiacal plane is termed the earth.”
Here we are given the answer to our question concerning the identity of the wanderer. Yet we are now faced with the words of the Mad Arab:

“I pray the Gods that I am saved, and not perish as did the Priest, ABDUL BEN-MARTU, in Jerusalem (the Gods remember and have mercy upon him!). My fate is no longer writ in the stars, for I have broken the Chaldean Covenant by seeking power over the Zonei. I have set foot on the moon, and the moon no longer has power over me. The lines of my life have been oblitered by my wanderings in the Waste, over the letters writ in the heavens by the gods.”

Evidently the Mad Arab must have thought that by continually Walking in the Underworld, or the Seven Gates, it might lead to some power over them, or that he could break there influence over him, which seems to have been the case, as ‘the lines of his life were blotted out.’ Yet we recently had some light shed upon this topic by a new writer here on the page, Optimystic. He recently made a comment to following post:
Simon Necronomicon Healing Exercise #3: Ascending to Godhood

Let us now take a look at the words from Brother David Stolowitz:

“Something neat to point out for the readers as well: the last axiom of the Book of Calling states that as spiritual work progresses, the figurative and literal light of the zonei and heavenly bodies will grow continually darker until their outer light is replaced by a perception of Fire in All Directions, and within this greater light the initiate will fulfill the goals of the noble race and “bring down” the hostile Anunnaki. This section seems to quote the Chaldean Oracles, and what’s really neat is that in Christian and Neoplatonic cosmology, the highest heavens, existing beyond the Stars, Ocean, and even the Primum Mobile, is the “Empyrean”:

“Empyrean, from the Medieval Latin empyreus, an adaptation of the Ancient Greek, “in or on the fire (pyr)”, properly Empyrean Heaven, is the place in the highest heaven, which in ancient cosmologies was supposed to be occupied by the element of fire (or aether in Aristotle’s natural philosophy).”

The illusion of static natures seems to disappear here, and just as you said, a journey into a New Universe and a whole new beginning commences”

It should be evident to all that the Mad Arab did indeed reach the “Highest Heavens” for he concludes the book with the following words, which correspond greatly to Brother David’s comment:

“The Stars grow dim in their places, and the Moon pales before me, as though a Veil were blown across its flame. Dog-faces demons approach the circumference of my sanctuary. Strange lines appear carved on my door and walls, and the light from the Windows grows increasing dim. A wind has risen. The Dark Waters stir. This is the Book of the Servant of the Gods . . .”

The Mad Arab was evidently able to overcome the perils of the “Dog-Faced Annunaki” that exist in the Underworld, but it wasn’t be re-Walking the same Gates, but by going beyond them, Notice what is mentioned in the MAGAN Text:


He also states prior to this:

“The passing of the Gates gives the priest both power and wisdom to use it. He becomes able to control the affairs of his life more perfectly than before, and many have been content to merely pass the first three Gates and then sit down and go no further than that, enjoying the benefits that they have found on the preliminary spheres. But this is Evil, for they are not equipped to deal with the attack from Without that must surely come, and their people will cry unto them for safety, and it will not come forth. Therefore, set thy face towards the ultimate goal and strive ever onward to the furthest reaches of the stars, though it mean thine own death; for such a death is as a sacrifice to the Gods, and pleasing, that they will not forget their people.”

The “death” that the Mad Arab speaks about, is the alchemical death that can only be achieved when one passes into the Gate of Tiamat. This is when the Initiate becomes fully possessed by the Watcher, which explains why no Calling of the Watcher appears in the instructions in the Urilla Text. Therefore, once the Initiate has entered into the Gate of Tiamat, they are no longer required to Walk further. They will then learn the Greater Mysteries of the Dark Tradition, which is not amongst the writings of men.

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