Largely known for his work in the bluegrass and country music genres, Nolan Scott aka Uncle Nolan will be releasing a new four-song EP titled Swamp Rockin’ Hoedown Music in August of 2019. The project is expected to solidify Uncle Nolan’s fan base and widen the scope of his musical influence.

Swamp Rockin’ Hoedown Music features some of Uncle Nolan’s finest work and his own brand of style best described as “bro-country”. The EP opens with the warm and inviting sounds of There’s A Hoedown Up In Hee-a, a track that cleverly paints the essence of the organic sound we find consistently running throughout the album. Swamp Rockin’ Hoedown Music is not only a testimony of Uncle Nolan’s genius but a work of art that successfully captures a segment of America’s musical history that is often overlooked.

Swamp Rockin’ Hoedown Music incorporates various elements from different music genres into its scheme. Uncle Nolan shows a wide range of versatility in style and range. Listeners are sure to be delighted in tracks like the narrative Midnight Breakdown and the funky dance tune Holla When You’ve Had Enough. Overall, Swamp Rockin’ Hoedown Music by Uncle Nolan is a musical experience that is highly impressionable and a delightful taste of nostalgia..

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