Based out of Southern California, Dizzy Box Nine casts another gem of sonic magnetism with the release of the song Deep Inside Your Mind from the album Faster Than Anticipation. As the brainchild of guitarist and singer Randy Lugwig, Dizzy Nine Box incorporates the inventiveness of guitarist Tony Robles and drummer Ryan Gio for an explosive taste of traditional pop-rock civility that pierces the listener’s heart with sheer delight.

Deep Inside Your Mind is a catchy tune that brandishes the integral standards of 80’s pop. The song has a very strong presence and reveals the group’s musical dexterity. Dizzy Box Nine has put together a very cerebral anthem with a charming repetitive chorus that really locks the theme of an introspective look at romanticism into the listener’s memory. Deep Inside Your Mind’s sharp instrumentation, which features mutable electric guitar riffs and some fierce drumming, is lavishly complemented by an equally fabulous vocal performance. Deep Inside Your Mind by Dizzy Box Nine is a perfect reminder of the power of music!



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