Rap artist and emerging mogul A1 Da Dawg has been flaunting cultured flows and strengthening his status in the music world in recent years. His undeniable passion for music and original prose make A1 Da Dawg’s sound memorable. Born Corderol Quintrez Myles in Shreveport Louisiana, A1 Da Dawg was raised in a single-parented home and faced his own share of struggles at an early age. The strength of his God-fearing mother proved to be a treasure chest of value and gave the emerging rapper a blueprint for survival. A1 Da Dawg would begin rapping at the age of 12 as a means of dealing with life’s pressures.

Among some of A1 Da Dawg’s current influences are Drake and Rick Ross. He believes in walking the path of the hard-earner and making his way on the continuity of his own labor. A1 Da Dawg has performed at various venues and is adding to his current catalog of music on a regular basis. Be sure to watch the rise of this winning rap artist. Salute!

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