When it comes to the science of cinematography, there is none more passionate than Francesco Malandrino. Although his pursuit of a career behind the camera grew later in life, Francesco’s creativity is one of a kind. I got a chance to speak with him and was greatly inspired by his approach to lie and work Maybe you will find his words to be of benefit.

Warlock Asylum: Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview and share a glimpse of your life’s work with our readers. Please introduce yourself. In your own words, who is Francesco Malandrino?

Francesco Malandrino: Sure, I’m Francesco Malandrino an Italian cinematographer based in Los Angeles (CA) SOC (Society of Camera Operators) Associate member. I have many passions and different hobbies. Obviously, my greatest passion is cinematography. it’s my job, it’s my life. Unlike many of my colleagues who grew up cultivating their aims in the field from an early age, I started blossoming in 2014 when I was 22 years old.

Warlock Asylum: What type of environment did you grow up in? How did your experiences during your formative years shape who you are today?

Francesco Malandrino: When I was a teenager in Italy, I spent most of my time with my family and friends. After high school, my friends continued their studies in small film schools in my area. I must give them thanks for sparking my interest in this world. Also, I always have to say thanks to my father and my mother. They always supported me on this unusual journey and believed in me.

Warlock Asylum: What led to your pursuit of a career in cinematography?

Francesco Malandrino: Oh, that’s actually a good question! As I said before, my passion for this work, for the film industry, and for the entire filmmaking process, largely influenced by growing up in Italy, the land of artists, cities of art, fantastic places, poets, and writers. The rich art scene in my native land has really inspired me.

Warlock Asylum: I once heard that cinema is language. Given your expertise, can you share with our readers just what cinematography is and how it is different from simple video recording?

Francesco Malandrino: Oh yes! This is a great point that we can discuss for a few days. In modern times, I think that probably 90% of people can record a video. All you need is a smartphone and you are ready. As you said cinema is language, so for a cinematographer it’s different, I’m free to shoot my next move with a smartphone, Of course, I can but there is a language and I have to respect it in order to make the audience comfortable. Is like the difference between a videographer and a cinematographer. The videographer captures the moment, a cinematographer creates moment.

Warlock Asylum: What were some of the challenges that you faced in route to becoming a cinematographer?

Francesco Malandrino: Too many! Becoming a cinematographer is never easy and it is definitely not a smooth road. The competition is very high, especially here in Los Angeles. This is not a regular job. During the year, I work for a couple of months and work will be extremely busy., At other times, I can work just for a couple of days or one week.

Warlock Asylum: What is one of the life lessons that you’ve learned as your career began to take flight?

Francesco Malandrino: Always be kind to everyone and never get arrogant on the set. It doesn’t matter if you are Roger Deakins or Francesco Malandrino, respect is always the first thing.

Warlock Asylum: In 2019, you were the recipient of an award for a short film at the Independent Short Awards film festival in Hollywood (CA) for the short film Painted Survival directed by Maria Perlifonova. Can you share with us a few more details about this honor and your feelings on the matter?

Francesco Malandrino; Yes! In August 2019, I won the “Best Cinematography Award” at Independent Short Awards Film Festival. This is a great film festival based in Hollywood (CA), it was a great experience especially during the live screening of the short film in the famous Raleigh Studios Theater. The evening when I received the award was a special night with a nice audience. The short film also won two awards on the same night (Best First Time Director and Best Student Director).

Warlock Asylum: Oftentimes, we find the world of film associated with Hollywood, CA. In what ways has living in California helped your career?

Francesco Malandrino: This city is full of artists. It’s extremely easy to meet people that work in your industry. The key is making a connection. If you are a cinematographer in Los Angeles, it can be your playground, exclusive events that introduce new technologies, If you are a cinematographer life is easier here.

Warlock Asylum: Recently, you had the honor of working as Director of Photography for the feature film titled “A House Divided.” How was that experience?

Francesco Malandrino: This was an excellent experience! My last feature film was in Italy a couple of years ago, A house divided was a special feature film for me. At first, I have to say thank you to Mike and Jessica Boss (the directors). I worked as an assistant cinematographer with my wife Maria Perlifonova, both of us as director of photography with a great film crew to support us. This movie will be available soon on Amazon Prime Video.

Warlock Asylum: In what ways do you think or have seen that your work is different from others in the same field?

Francesco Malandrino: Each cinematographer has his own style, habits, and preferences, it’s hard to say why I can be different from other cinematographers, but for sure I have my own style and my preferences. That’s also very important to have the same “vision’ of the director, The cinematographer and director have to be the same vision, it’s very important for the filmmaking process that they have to know each other in order to work as one person.

Warlock Asylum: How has your work as a cinematographer impacted your relationship with your family and friends?

Francesco Malandrino: Basically, nothing changed for me. I just can say that now for sure is easy to meet new people every day and make new friends! About my family sometimes it’s hard because my parents live in Italy. It’s hard to come back there to visit them, so I  see them once in one or two years.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the pros and cons of the film industry that you find to be impressionable?

Francesco Malandrino: As a professional, I think that the film industry is an alternative world. When you are on set for a long-term project, you stay in the company of a lot of people daily. You share a lot of things with these individuals and it’s very easy. When the work is finished then it also happens to have a certain nostalgia, and then you understand that you’ve been with people who have been your family.

As far as cons are concerned,  I can’t find something at the moment, probably because I’m totally in love with what I do!

Warlock Asylum: Who are some of the people that has influenced your resolve to stay focus and continue your endeavors?

Francesco Malandrino: My father, my mother, and my brother, then all my friends in Italy. I was lucky because I have a lot of friends that work in my same world, editors, directors videographers So for me it has always been easy to find the right reasons to improve on my career.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to a young person looking to enter the world of cinematography?

Francesco Malandrino: Don’t do that!! I’m joking obviously. I think that passion is always the key. Your passion is the key to success. Be patient. Go to different film shootings and learn from professional cinematographers how this job works and make new connections. It takes time but making films is always rewarding, especially when you go to the theater to see what you have created with a camera.

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Francesco Malandrino in the near future? Any new projects on the horizon? Final thoughts?

Francesco Malandrino: This question is very hard! I hope to see my name as the director of photography under many movies and projects. I will be a camera operator for a big TV-Show, it will be a long shooting and this is the first time that IK can work for a TV-Show. Hope that I can tell you more details about this upcoming project soon.

I do my best month by month to improve my skills and find new adventures. But making movies is always a big adventure.

On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to wish Francesco Malandrino all the best in his endeavors. 

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