The Virginia-base songstress Clara Zimm has a very distinct voice and soulful presentation. Clara’s journey had its own fair share of challenges along the way. She was born with most of her esophagus missing and had to be fed through the stomach. Clara’s parents opted for an experimental surgery invented by Dr. John Foker, which was a success. At 5 years of age, Clara began learning how to eat. Eventually, her passion for music and song would give birth to a whole new way of life.

Clara’s new single Down The Drain is an incredible take on a failing romance. Her taste of chorale is completely captivating and inventive. Clara has a very powerful voice that perfectly expresses her love for the craft. This is complemented by Down The Drain’s cinematic and exotic soundscape. This crafty melody ends on a good note and a stirring piano measure. Clara Zimm in en route to becoming a household name beginning with Down The Drain.


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