Canadian indie-artist Alex Price is a true Renaissance man and a fountain of inspiration. His legacy a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, producer, and entertainer reveal his passion for. the musical arts and dedication to deliver to his audience the best experience possible. Price’s new single “Love in LA” is a handsome testimony to his creative ingenuity.

Love In LA is a smooth R&B track with a festive groove. The track draws from elements of pop and jazz and carries an intense musical warmth from its deep and distinctive bassline. The beat is crisp and sets up a platform for a musical conversation to begin in traditional pop fashion. In this case, Alex Price provides a lesson in the art of wooing with an incredible vocal performance that sinks into the sonic terrain of this lovely melody with grace and ease. Alex Price makes Love In LA all that it should be – priceless. Love In LA by Alex Price




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