Based out of Chicago, musician, singer, and songwriter Cody Lee stirs up the music world with a fresh recording titled “New Normal” from the album Woodpecker Crisis. Cody Lee is often noted for his crisp rhythms and sharp lyricism. New Normal lacks nothing in this regard and contributes greatly to the evolution of Lee’s catalog.

New Normal is a soulful expression of Lee’s signature Americana sound. The track opens up with a distinct and catchy groove enlivened by horn hits and a thick bassline that are spread over an upbeat terrain of a dance-styled beat. Vocally, Lee proves to be the perfect orator as he opens with a few choice words about the New Normal, which eventually leads to a place of deep-rooted harmonies filled with witty lyricism, as he says in once verse “you can talk to the preacher or you can talk to the freaks.” in 2020, New Normal by Cody Lee is all that can be said, which is what makes it a remarkable creative effort.



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