A Work of Musical Genius: KC Sisters

The exquisite sounds of the KC Sisters are sure to bring delight to devotees of classic rock, pop, and soul music genres. This family affair perfectly embodies the R&B energy that was once captivated by the legendary acts from previous generations with a notable dose of originality suited for the post-modern era.

The KC Sisters

Based out of the beloved state of Connecticut, members Deanna (vocals, guitar), Noelle (bass, occasional drums, and violin), Tasha (drums, tambourine), Elise (acoustic and electric guitars), and Kathleen (rhythm guitar) form this symphonious quintet. Having been reared in a musical household, the KC Sisters receive guidance and mentorship from their parents Chris (a music instructor and jazz pianist) and Jennifer. The chemistry of the group is nothing less than a powerhouse of eloquent chorale as seen in their recent  cover of the 1963 classic Please Mr. Postman.

Originally released by the Marvelettes and famously covered by The Beatles, Please Mr Postman’s charming melody is something that warms the heart. The KC Sisters are able to take this classic tune and make it their own. Listeners really get to hear the earth shattering harmonies and soulful grace of the KC Sisters, which proves to be a generation-mender of appreciative nostalgic prose. it doesn’t get any better than this. The KC Sisters’ version of the track is quite entertaining and perfectly demonstrates that the only gimmick connected to this family act is raw talent.

A Work of Musical Genius: KC Sisters

The KC Sisters have also released a beautiful video of the song in a nice black-and-white cinderella storybook style. Please Mr. Postman by the KC Sisters is a charming work that only expands the group’s catalog of timelessness.

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