Erika Furuzono is an inspiring human being and Renaissance woman that has helped others achieve their goals and happiness. In these trying times, many of us face distress and emotional pain. Erika has worked to make this world a better place using certain psychological and spiritual tools. I had the honor of talking with this postmodern healer and gain some useful insights that I believe we will all find comforting. Enjoy!


Warlock Asylum: Before we begin, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions and share some insights into your career and the services that you provide to others. That being said, in your own words, who is Erika Furuzono?

Erika Furuzono: Erika is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, Starseed, and rapid love transformation expert.  Erika helps people to break through uncertainty, emotional pain, anxiety, and fear in relationships to get clarity, freedom, and transform in just 45 days.

Warlock Asylum: Tell us about your childhood. What were some of the influences that shaped the woman you are today?

Erika Furuzono: I was born and raised in Japan where people believe in harmony with nature and all living creatures. Growing up, I walked in the emperor’s palace garden in Kyoto daily with my grandmother, which helped form my dream and passion. My grandmother taught me to be honest, kind, and elegant. She was very elegant and feminine outside out very strong inside. A lot like ladies in the south in the united states.

Warlock Asylum: What is inspired you to get involved in spirituality and pursue such things as the basis of your career?

Erika Furuzono: A good friend of mine asked me to join him in doing a manifestation program. I did it to further my entertainment career but instead of manifesting my dream, this manifestation program led me to my awakening. I have been in the entertainment industry for a long time and it was my passion but one thing led to another…I was basically led to begin my relationship coaching practice. iI has been divinely guided.

Warlock Asylum: You are a noted Matrix Energetics practitioner. Can you explain what this involves and some aspects of the education required to achieve certification in this field?

Erika Furuzono: Matrix Energetics® is a complete system of transformation that produces observable and verifiable changes which can be taught to anyone. Matrix Energetics encompasses a new state of being, a new way of experiencing the world we live in, and a more expansive way of accessing new possibilities – a consciousness shift. I help my clients to shift their timelines to their optimum timelines. I help people to drop blocks and limitations by using Matrix Energetics as well.  I took all 4 levels of training plus certified practitioner training.

Warlock Asylum: What were some of the other studies that were instrumental in enhancing your work spiritually?

Erika Furuzono: I undertook the training to become a certified Akashic Record Reader. A lot of people who come to me are curious and want to know what’s their life purpose? They want to know what their soul contracts between them and their partners are…..also they seek clarity on if they are meant to be together with their partner or if this is a karmic relationship or not. It’s very helpful to offer this service to my clients. They really like it.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the services that you provide in helping others overcome psychological debris?

Erika Furuzono: I offer quantum hypnosis and NLP. ( Neuro-Linguistics Programming) as well.

Warlock Asylum:  How has your life changed since you’ve made the practice of coaching a top priority in your life?

Erika Furuzono: I coach a lot of people who are having relationship issues. Many of them are on twin flame journeys. Some are in unhappy relationships. Some are single and looking for “the one.” It’s extremely fulfilling to assist my clients to achieve their dreams and have absolute clarity in their lives. I get to see their transformation during my rapid love transformation program that’s an extremely life-changing experience for me, as opposed to just doing something I loved, such as working in the entertainment industry.

Warlock Asylum: Can you share with us some of the feedback that you have received from people who have petitioned your services and the ways in which their lives were transformed?

Erika Furuzono: “Everything has been great especially since ended our coaching program. I’ve been in the union with my twin flame since. Thank you for all your help.“

This is a quote from one of my previous clients. My client was pursuing her life on masculine energy, and a real go-getter before my Rapid Love Transformation Program. After that, she embraced her feminine energy, and now tons of men offer to help her out. One guy offered to pump gas for her at the gas station. Also, we have cleared tons of childhood traumas and blocks during the program. We cleared blocks and limitations together in just 6 weeks!

Warlock Asylum: How did Angel Dust Productions begin and what is its mission?

Erika Furuzono: Angel Dust Productions Inc started out as an entertainment production company but it has shifted to become an educational entertainment/personal development/consulting company. We believe in the power of entertainment and raise people’s consciousness through the sharing of our knowledge and passion. Our mission statement is to “Raise your vibration while you are having fun!!”

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Erika Furuzono in the near future? Any final thoughts?

Erika Furuzono: I’m developing a mini webinar “How to navigate the dark night of the soul, find your own force and Jedi course” It will consist of 4 live interactive webinars to help people to use practical tools to face the darkness and come out of it stronger than ever. You will find your own light and unshakable confidence. I will be doing a lot of collaboration events with other YouTubers. Right now, I’m very busy with an open door 11:11 event to offer my service to the Twin Flame Community. I will also be focusing a lot on transformational content to assist our community on my YouTube channel, as well as offering rapid love transformation coaching program to new clients.

*On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to wish Erika Furuzono all the best in her endeavors.

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