Chicago born, Wisconsin raised Jason Chaffee spreads his expertise as a singer and songwriter with the uplifting track “River to Row” from upcoming EP “Molecular”. Jason’s musical expression crosses the borders of Americana and progressive rock that is somewhat reminiscent of legends like Peter Gabriel and Bruce Springsteen for starters.

As a post-modern era pop music composer, Jason uses his talents to inspire others as River To Row puts forth. The new single is a retrospective look at our current times. 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for all of us. River To Row exalts a rich musical landscape that is thoroughly complimented by a winning production that features a wondrous dialogue between electric guitar and piano. Jason’s vocals are superb and work well in teleporting the listener to the scene of the recording. River To Row by Jason Chaffee is a great way to start life anew or at least get the dialogue about this experience started in a memorable way. Salute!


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