Originally from Manassas, Virginia, the alternative rock band known as The Guilty Lenses have released their stunning debut album titled Somewhat Romance, Somewhat Poetry. The band’s vibrant sound is a sure winner among lovers of both a progressive and vintage rock music sound.

Somewhat Romance, Somewhat Poetry is not only The Guilty Lenses debut effort, but also a conceptual offering that explores life through a stellar lens of honesty and an endearing sense of practicality. Since its release in December of 2020, the album has charted at #25 on NACC’s Top 30 ADDS Chart the week of 12/14/20!

The Guilty Lenses unravel a hotbed of creativity with this 14-track extravaganza. The title Somewhat Romance, Somewhat Poetry truly describes this journey of transcendent rhythms and striking lyricism that successfully captures our attention with its unconventional methodology. The album opens with the hazy track entitled 5 Mins To Close. It’s a warm charmer that is effective in setting the tone for what is to follow. But then again, The Guilty Lenses have created an open book of expression, which continues to transform itself as the music unwinds.

Additional tracks like Dancing Lights and Bittersweet demonstrate Somewhat Romance, Somewhat Poetry’s profound prose and lyrical content that paint an open-room affair in the mind of the listener. Best of all, The Guilty Lenses come with an impressive dose of prop-less ambition and simply rely on their dexterity of raw talent and great musicianship that makes Somewhat Romance, Somewhat Poetry so easy to love.

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