The sterling genius of musical phenomena, producer, singer, and songwriter Matty Marz continues to shine upon the release of his new single titled Watcha Looking At. Matty Marz’s unique and colorful sound stems from a wide range of musical influences, including pop, rock, funk, and electronica.

Watcha Looking At stirs up the listener’s interest with a timeless groove that is infused with seedlings of funk and r&b amid a pop music landscape. Watcha Looking At’s simple but irresistible bassline is bravely enchanting, and coupled with the track’s crisp drums, exuberates a refreshing vibe.

Matty Marz rides the rhythm with an electrifying vocal performance that is filled with persona and sincerity. The lyrics present the epitome of seductive wooing and promises of the beauty of love. Watcha Looking At by Matty Marz is definitely a winner!

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