As a daring comedian of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, Aida Margarita Parada Rodriguez has been able to share many of life’s most valued lessons through comedy. Her work carries a heavy sword of realness as Aida’s taste for laughter has emerged out of the quest for healing and overcoming some of life’s tragedies.

Aida is not just your average diamond-in-the-rough life story, but the sterling example of a true Renaissance woman in action. Aside from comedy, her work as an actress, podcaster, producer, and writer is simply amazing. She has appeared in several films, televised comedy specials, and is popularly adorned for her work as a commentator on The Young Turks.

Amid the blazing turbulence of the year 2020, Aida worked diligently to cool the flames of stress by acting as a voice of reason and utilized her platform to expound upon many of the deep issues affecting society. I am not sure if she is aware of how many lives she saved in the process, but the love for her efforts as a humanitarian is appreciated by people worldwide. As an orator, mentor, and healer, Aida keeps us laughing and working as a voice of reason through good and bad times. It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Aida Rodriguez as the Warlock Asylum International News 2021 Comedian of the Year! Thanks for keeping a smile on our faces. Wishing you and your family much prosperity in the year ahead and beyond.



Warlock Asylum International News 2021 Comedian of the Year: Aida Rodriguez

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