Based out of Montreal, the folk-rock band known as Deep Rivers possesses a real organic sound that is epitomized in the band’s recent album titled Nothing Ever Happens To Me. The new project is a 10-track effort and really exemplifies the group’s inventive approach to recording.

Nothing Ever Happens To Me is an intense musical journey with some very profound gems along the way. Deep Rivers avoid sonic dogma in favor of maximizing song structure, as we find in nearly every cut on the album. The band will use whatever instrument they deem fit in order to transfer the emotion behind the album’s varied themes to the ears of the listener. Tracks like Grave Dogger Diaries uniquely describe life in a post-pandemic world in poetic fashion.

Deep Rivers really take this album to another level by implementing a rich variety of instrumentation that adds a layer of both depth and exoticness to the overall production snd mood of the album. Songs like When The Money Gone and Battle of Rye are among the many jewels that Nothing Ever Happens To Me has to offer. The album’s mood is best described in a video for the album’s title track – Nothing Ever Happens To Me. In time, this is true for us all.


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