Originally from New South Wales, singer, and songwriter Margaret Anne has a lifelong passion for music and self-expression that is very inspirational. As Margaret Anne and The Rock It Man, this lovely songstress is able to translate her life experiences into melody as evidenced from the new single White Haze.

White Haze is a brilliant song that embraces an Americana sound at the center of its gnosis. The track is led by the warm sounds of acoustic guitar for the first part of the song with several variations in rhythm that introduce drums, electric guitar, and etc. Margaret’s vocal performance on the song coat a layer of musical dexterity to the track’s scheme and message. The single also includes the track Cabin Boy.

Cabin Boy demonstrates Margaret Anne and the Rock It Man’s acute sense of musicianship. Cabin Boy dives fearlessly into the music world that is a bit more guitar-heavy than the project’s title track. However, it cannot be overstated that Margaret Anne and The Rock It Man keep evolving and this is what makes this experience so much fun.




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