Originally from Eagle, Idaho, the charismatic singer and songwriter Colt Sterk is sending some fabulous vibes across the music world with his single Grandpa’s Truck. The country music missionary takes a sincere approach to the song and has an amazing methodology for composing arrangements and rhythms. Aside from his musical career, Colt is a graduate from the US Military Academy at West Point and is currently serving in the US Army as a Blackhawk pilot.

Grandpa’s Truck is a great song inspired by experiences Colt shared with his grandfather and memories of riding in his truck. The song has a superb organic vibe and opens with a sequence of enthralling acoustic guitar strums over a steady drumbeat. The melody’s ascent is strengthened by the tune’s smooth bassline and Colt Sterk’s warm vocal performance. The rich backdrop of instrumentation includes electric guitar and violin.

Colt Sterk is able to capture the listener’s attention with a healthy dose of musicianship that embraces a sound that is integral to purists of the genre while also stretching the boundaries of innovation. Grandpa’s Truck is doing well on media platforms and has surpassed over fifteen thousand streams at the time of this writing. Colt Sterk has made a memorable effort that is both moving and entertaining.


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