Based out of Los Angeles, the ambitious rock band Slow Burning Car return to the music world with their new album titled Projection. Many of our regular readers will remember some of the previous articles on the band, including our reviews on Soul Crimes and Public Cynic. Slow Burning Car’s excelling sound is fueled by their musical veteranship comprised of Troy Spiropoulos (Lead Vocals/Bass), Zak St.John (Drums/Backing Vocals), Steve Ornest (Lead and Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocal), Krista Ray (Backing and Lead Vocal), Tommy Marcel (guitar/backing vocals), and Aaron Kusterer (guitar).

Projection is a very inventive album by the group. It’s a 10-track journey with a distinct organic sound. This is an album that can be appreciated by rock purists and people from various backgrounds. Slow Burning Car possesses a marvelous knack for coming up with lyrics and hooks that speak to us all. One song from Projection that demonstrates this well is Diamond In The Rough. Like many of the tracks appearing on the album, Diamond In The Rough is an energetic track with a healthy dose of guitar-play and striking choruses. Other songs like Funnybone and Garden In Space demonstrate the band’s signature fuzzed-box grooves and intense musical structure. But do keep in mind that all the songs on this album are a jewel for the journey ahead.

Amazingly, Projection by Slow Burning Car is a strong effort and a relentless testimony of the group’s talent and comradery. Their music is born out of the intense love that all the members of the group share for what they are creating and the genre itself.

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