Originally formed in Champaign, Illinois, Bludgers is a musical phenomenon and band that has evolved to include members in California, Ohio, Boston, New York, and New Zealand. The group has drawn a handsome following due to its rooted and organic rock sound. The Bludgers’ new single Dirty. Laundry is a testimony of the creative intellect and drives for musical innovation often associated with this rhythmic outfit.

Dirty Laundry is an upbeat charmer that rock music purists can deeply appreciate. The track’s ear-pleasing melody and strongly accented guitar play exceptionally keep the listener enchanted and equally immersed in the sonic experience that the Bludgers have wonderfully crafted. The vocals and harmonization are really warm and effectively translate the song’s theme of controversy as life’s hidden elements begin to surface. Dirty Laundry by Bludgers is a stirring tune that you are bound to keep on repeat.

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