The DK Effect has an awesome sound and a broad musical terrain. Their new album Moving Time is an exemplary work. The DK Effect is an 8-piece original funk, soul, and gospel-infused RnB band from Australia’s deep south (Tasmania). Fronted by the powerful yet exquisite vocal and focal trinity (Crystal Campbell, Ruby Austin-Lund, and Belle Richardson) the band’s material focuses on storytelling, melody, and harmony, and is saturated with the passion and polyrhythmic ‘call and response’ vocal synchronicity of gospel music. The band: Randal Muir (keys), Aleks Folvig (guitar and vocals), Al Tolond (drums), David Johnstone (bass) and Jed Adams (sax) deliver grooves as deep as a freshly pressed 45.

Moving Time is a full-blown effort and debut release from The DK Effect. The album was recorded and mixed in Hobart, Tasmania using vintage gear. Lovers of organic music will find Moving Time by The DK Effect inspiring and a must-have in the field of musical arts.


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