As an unpredictable delicacy of indie rock and punk-natured anthems, an outfit called Electric Peace captures our attention from the avant-garde streets of Los Angeles, California with a new EP titled Hate Is a Special Feeling. The group was spearheaded by lead vocalist and bass player Brain Kild.

Hate Is a Special Feeling is a unique offering by Electric Peace that brandishes four rugged tracks. The EP begins with its title track, which turns out to be a highly inventive tune that carries nice harmonies amid its gritty rock landscape. The author is reminded of the psychedelic kinship that Hate Is a Special Feeling share with some of the English Garage rock bands of the late-1960s into the early-70s.

The continuity of Hate Is a Special Feeling is solid. Embedded with muddy guitar riffs and layered melodies, the musical freeness of Electric Peace is contagious and makes this journey an experience that traditionalists of the rock genre would not want to live without. The ingenuity of the band is incredible and comes to life in tracks like Crankin into Oblivion. Electric  Peace has put forth a tremendous effort that all will enjoy!