The soulful adventures of the gifted songstress Dejhare  (pronounce Dei-Jhar) has inspired music lovers once again via the release of her new EP titled Plead The Fifth. Dejhare is a first-class world artist and singer that uses her creative guise to paint an ebb and flow of an ever-evolving world. The texture of her voice and spirited persona is quite reminiscent of legendary singers like Nina Simone, La Lupe, and Sade. The essence of Dejhare’s timeless sound is found in the ingenuity of her objective worldview.

Released on July 23rd, 2021, Plead The Fifth is a compelling musical journey that is equally intelligent as it is entertaining. Dejhare is able to transport the listener into a sphere of introspection that emulates our heart’s desire as well as the issues we face in life. Plead The Fifth is comprised of five tracks that marinate along the frontier of EDM, pop, and soul. Here is a track-by-track breakdown of Dejhare’s new masterpiece.

Plead The Fifth – Track-by-Track Review

Take Five: The opening track Take Five is an electrifying dance tune and immediately grabs our attention with its hard-hitting drum pattern. The layered rhythm is led by a flavored measure of synth that is further accentuated with a touch of analog bass. Dejhare’s passionate performance transforms this superb groove into a transcendent melody. Take Five has a notable structure that amplifies its warmth and energy of good times.

Skeletons: This nocturnal groove is very inviting, as it contains a sterling intellectual edge. Skeletons begins with a crisp background and a darker keyboard rhythm. As the track continues, we are introduced to a sophisticated drum pattern while the keyboard melody advances in complexity. Ever so eloquently, Dejhare dives straightforward into the topic of people who live life without a care, as she sings about those who ‘point the fingers in efforts to avoid the blame.’ Skeletons continues the momentum of Plead The Fifth and certainly adds to the depth of Dejhare’s catalog.

Perception: An alluring tune that gives Plead The Fifth a change of pace. Perception begins with an enchanting piano riff, which is backed by its tempered rising percussion. The synth plays a large part in driving the allure of the track into our imagination as it rides the strides of the tempo. Perception offers a varying mood as the track covers the theme of human equality, something that is of concern as we are turning into a global society amid a past of oppression and prejudice ideologies. Dejhare’s vocal range is excellent and embodies the desire for change that the world needs.

Not Alone: A brilliant track with an exotic pulse. Not Alone is equally festive as it is empowering. Dejhare reminds us that the downtrodden are not alone. While we have all felt the sword of tragedy, Dejhare encourages each of us to strive to be the best part of ourselves. The song is infused with elements of funk that come to life through electronic brass and liquid bassline. Not Alone is one track that you never want to be without on the dancefloor.

Plead The Fifth: Dejhare concludes this incredible sonic voyage with the title track Plead The Fifth. The tune exemplifies the EP’s continuity and distinct production. The beat is thumping and accompanied by layered and punctual rhythms that owe up to a theme of self-honesty. Charmingly, Dejhare is able to reinvent her approach to harmonization and chorale that accompanying subject matter and for this exemplary talented ability we are forever grateful.

In summary, Plead The Fifth by Dejhare demonstrates the heights of how far music can travel into the heart of humanity’s collective consciousness. It is through Dejhare’s journey that we find a mirror of compassion, grief, love, and prosperity in our own world. It is within this framework that Dejhare demonstrates once again just how powerful music is as a creative force.

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