Jon Roniger and the Good For Nothin’ Band exemplify their state-of-the-art musicality with a new album titled Live At 6010. Set for release on August 15th, 2021, the album is filled with a charismatic premise that embodies an eclectic taste for the exquisite delights of jazz fusion along with elements of blues and contemporary music genres.

Live At 6010 is a full album that is comprised of eleven spirited tracks that form varied dimensions that blend into each other naturally. Jon Roniger and the Good For Nothin’ Band has a nostalgic sound that is well-curated by a group that averaged about 200 shows per year before the pandemic. The organic premise to recording that this band possesses is highlighted in their use of brass instrumentation throughout the project.

Fresh percussive sounds and the rich flavor of bass feature some of the joyous labor imbued into Live At 6010. The band consists of Jon Roniger (singer/songwriter, guitar), Adam Everett (drums), Evan Paydon (bass), Ellis Seiberling (trombone), Cyrus Nabipor (trumpet), and Jake Gold (keys). Throughout Live At 6010, we find warm and tempered grooves emerging charmingly from the band. Jon Roniger has a voice that is up for the tack, as he successfully keeps his audience engaged with the memorable wooing of awareness. Tracks like New World Order and Regrets unveil Live At 6010’s versatility and the depth of Jon Roniger and the Good For Nothin’ Band. Thank you!