Based out of Vancouver, Canada, the gritty sounds of the rock band known as The Mighty One has captured our ears with the release of their new album titled Torch of Rock and Roll. Comprised of members Tim Steinruck (vocals, guitar), Bob Wagner (drums), and Gustavo Valderrama (bass), The Mighty One is a fierce rock band that carries the spirit of traditional hard-edged rock music.

The Mighty One unveils their integrity to the genre with a scrumptious offering that consists of ten brilliantly weaved songs. Beginning with the explosive song Come On, listeners will surely attest to the album’s intensity and guitar-laden ingenuity. The synergy that The Mighty One is able to imbue throughout the entire album unfolds into a seamless continuity that gives a distinct uniqueness to the overall production, especially in the rugged smoothness of the title track itself.

Every component on Torch of Rock and Roll ignites a new dimensionality that evolves into a philosophy to live by rock music’s on light upon the path.  This epic artistry has produced some great songs like Disruptor and Darker Side of Me among others. Torch of Rock and Roll by The Mighty One is an absolute winner!