Originally from Northeast Connecticut, singer and songwriter Scott Waters takes his creativity to another level with the release of his new album titled “Vibes for Miles”. This eclectic body of work is comprised of eleven soul-stirring tracks that successfully express Scott’s excelling musical range and perspective on life.

Vibes for Miles courts the melodic terrains of Americana, blues, and popular music with grace and sophistication. Every selection is wonderfully mastered and stands as an enthralling platform for Scott’s vocal performance. The album begins with a charming tune called Love Is Gonna Find You. The track’s optimistic sense of romanticism is truly sonically fulfilling and sets the pace for what is to follow.

Scott Waters is able to keep his audience intrigued with sheer musical inventiveness, professionalism, and just the warm sense of practicality infused within the organic sounds and instrumentation of Vibe for Miles. This is one collection of songs that true music lovers will find so fulfilling.