Presently based out of Los Angeles, California, the multi-talented artist and pop music diva Katrina Stuart unveils a truly melodic treasure chest upon the release of her album titled Under My Skin. Katrina is a powerhouse of talent and has attained success as an actress, dancer, and model. However, her passion for music remains and it is due to such that she was able to land a deal with Musicash Records after becoming a finalist in a Musicash show.

Under My Skin is a fabulous album that invites us into the world of Katrina Stuart and it is through this musical journey that we find an extraordinary purpose and insight into our own experience. The album is comprised of ten tracks that really accentuate Katrina’s gift of song. Katrina has an incredible voice that is soulful and soothing. She is able to explore themes of love and heartbreak atop of some tremendous production.

The album’s blend of acoustic and digital instrumentation provides an extra layer of continuity that will attract people from all walks of life. Tracks like Fly Away and Blue Roses, among others, demonstrates how Katrina is able to make complex issues of the heart so simple, and within this, we find the beauty of Under My Skin.

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