Based out of the golden city of Las Vegas, the legendary artist, historian, and writer extraordinaire Keenan Booker aka The God 720 exercises his multi-faceted genius once again with the release of The Foot Up A Bitch’s Ass album. As The God 720 introduces his fan base to another episode of thought, artistically he is evolving in texture and flow.

The Foot Up A Bitch’s Ass is a classic. The beats are chunky and The God 720 delivers iron bars of witty prose and cinematic lyricism. The dimensional production fits like a match made in heaven with The God 720’s gangsta’s quest as the main agenda and theme for the album.

Immediately, the listener steps into an oasis of bravado, street smarts, and swagger with the album-opening Versace Swagger. The track totes bluesy guitar strums that carry a tremendous amount of warmth. This is complemented by keyboard bass and a fierce drum pattern. A female voice sample fills the chorus, adding a cherry to this marvelous production. The God 720 superbly rides the funky terrain as he brags about having “crystal balls in his jewels.”

As the man behind the mic, The God 720 rises to the occasion and this is one underlying theme we find very prevalent in The Foot Up A Bitch’s Ass. The onslaught of intellect continues throughout the album. For The Sol carries a heartfelt message wrapped inside of a dreamy scenario. The track covers the times in life that we all need to rebuild and recharge in order to recognize our purpose and place in life. Perhaps the time to smoke a blunt as The God 720 states.

The album has a deep dimensional feel, which is certainly exemplified in the track Sins of The Father. This song reveals The God 720’s distinct ability to be able to send forth a transcendental gem while maintaining hood credibility. The Foot Up A Bitch’s Ass is laced with shining moments and extravagant beats. This is an incredible album even for a master of his craft.


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