The prolific musician, singer, and songwriter Scoot Horton is set to release his game-changing masterpiece titled Empty Bottles on February 11th, 2022. The album is a full serving, comprised of twelve melodically crocheted songs of outlaw folk that is rhythmically sound while possessing a fragrant taste for the avant-garde.

Scoot Horton is a musical genius that hails from New York while holding tight to his etheric Nashville cravings. Empty Bottles was created during his time of trying to formulate another band with his better musical half Marlena of the duo Scoot and Marlena and starting a band called the Kulprits. In any event, Empty Bottles is a solo work from Scoot Horton that uniquely unveils his surge of talent.

Empty Bottles is an instant favorite and appeals to music lovers from all different backgrounds and genres. Scoot Horton is so flavorful in his presentation that you are bound to climb the sonic fence of limitations in order to enjoy the open-air acoustic rhythms that are being served for the totality of this amazing and transcendent ride. Within this collection of stellar grooves comes poetic lyricism and organic grooves. Empty Bottles by Scoot Horton is one for the ages.