Based out of Minnesota, a masterful band of musical veteranship called If Nothing Else turns up the volume another notch with their new EP titled Dirty. If Nothing Else’s crisp fusion of Americana, blues, country, folk, and rock musical genres form an incredible and distinct sound.

If Nothing Else’s latest offering is nothing less than spectacular. Dirty is an inventive voyage that is both cinematic and entertaining. This 5-track journey sparks a taste for musical innovation. Beginning with the opening track Ode to a Headstone, If Nothing Else successfully plants a fierce sonic frontier in the minds of their listeners. Great musical arrangements, harmonies, and picturesque lyricism keep music lovers in awe over Dirty’s perfected continuity.

Dirty’s landscape is blessed with textured instrumentation, which greatly adds to the brilliance of the project. If Nothing Else’s musical vision propels us into a world where creativity is the synergy that envelopes a musical life of gritty realism and good times. Dirty by If Nothing Else is certainly worth its sound in gold. Salute!