High Rollers by Bad Bones

The incredible rockers from Italy are back into the blend of uncut melody with a new album. Comprised of members Max Malmerenda (vocals), Sergio Aschieris (guitars), Steve Balocco (bass), and Lele Balocco (drums), the band named Bad Bones have built a tremendous following from the essence of their nostalgic rock sound and progressive-themed songs. Bad Bones are fully recharged after coming off a successful world tour, which featured music from their last album Demolition back in 2017.

Released on October 23rd, 2018 on Sliptrick Records, Bad Bones delivers an illustrious non-conformist album titled High Rollers. This unique collection of ten deliciously raw tracks is a flavorful journey that embraces a landscape fused with influences from heavy metal, classic rock, and progressive rock music styles. High Rollers’ hard-hitting rhythms, brilliantly composed guitar riffs, and soulful melodies spell out the word “masterpiece” and serve as a salute to Bad Bones’ creative genius. In the track-by-track album review, we will detail much of the territory that the High Rollers album has encompassed. Enjoy!

High Rollers Track-By-Track Review

1-American Days: What an electrifying way to open an album! America Days is filled with that traditional rock luster we often find missing in the post-modern experience. Max’s vocals sparkle over well-orchestrated guitar riffs and fierce drumming. The track’s melody is more than enough to keep you intoxicated with this tune.

2-Lost Again: This is song seems to emerge out of American Days perfectly. Lost Again captures our attention with its hazy sonic overtones and 70’s-styled rock vocal harmonies. Lost Again has a catchy hook and an attractive structure that will keep this tune vibing in your head long after the headphones come off.

3-Wild Rose: Bad Bones is set on giving you that complete rock experience with Wild Rose, a cozy love song with exceptional lyricism. This track is one of Max’s best vocal performances and the instrumentation makes you feel like you’re being snatched out of your seat and flung onto the stage.

4-Midnight Riders: Lele Balocco puts the stake through the heart as one of the best drummers of the genre in this relentless classic called Midnight Riders. Alas, it doesn’t stop there. Approaching midway through the song we encounter an awesome break and guitar lead. This is truly one of the tunes that standout in its revelation of Bad Bones’ musical capability.

5-Solitary Fields: A beautifully composed song that implements more of downbeat structure and tempo. The track’s cerebral language reveals the depth of Bad Bones’ catalog.

6-Now or Never: This is a track where the vision of driving on an open highway easily comes to mind. Of course, Bad Bones keeps the boundaries of melody open with a few inventive surprises along the way. Now Or Never has a hard rock quality with some peaks of pop music appeal that’s more on the rugged side. The song’s structure makes this tune a winner in a circle of diamonds.

7-Blood Trails: Bad Bones are definitely students of those who came before. In this groovy guitar classic, such legendary acts come to mind like Van Halen and the Rolling Stones. Yet in still, Bad Bones pay homage by keeping it original on Blood Trails by bringing the torch of nostalgia even closer to rock music’s harder side.

8-Wolf Town: Bad Bones continues to put forth an impressive display of how well they sound together. Throughout its exemplary production, High Rollers is an album that maintains a raw attitude as seen in tracks like Wolf Town.

9-Story of a Broken Bone: Beginning with its flaring guitar and seductively perverse rhythms, Story of a Broken Bone is a pilgrimage to the heart of heavy metal. Simply wonderful!

10-Rock’N Me: Bad Bones concludes this momentous journey with a rendition of the Steve Miller Band’s classic song Rock ‘N Me. Bad Bones are not only able to make this song their own, but build an atmosphere around its theme and turn it into a festive anthem.

High Rollers by Bad Bones is a prolific journey into the stellar regions of hard rock and heavy metal. Bad Bones rise to grace with both an inventive drive and true to life sound. This is an album that not only strengthens the legacy of Bad Bones’ catalog but expands upon the artistic value of the genre itself, thereby making High Rollers the masterpiece that it is destined to be.

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ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/badbones
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/badbonesband/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0jbjFjuogBSpElk4pzJhR2?si=WmgdtHjBQF-6HL7FvbRlXA
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1437994993

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