Earlier this week, I had the honor of reviewing an electrifying ep by the Los Angeles-based know as Electric Peace. Comprised of members Brian Kild (lead vocals, bass), Honey Davis (guitar), Jim Hawkinson keyboards), and Rick Winward (drums), Electric Peace is an eclectic fusion of metal, punk, and hard rock music. The group’s new single “Hate Is A Special Feeling” is an explosive tune that exemplifies the band’s love for the gritty rock sound.

Hate Is A Special Feeling is an electric guitar symphony with a rigorous edge. Along with putting together a solid composition, Electric Peace’s harmonies wonderfully compliment the song’s hook. Its upbeat tempo and crisp drumming provide a solid backdrop for the nostalgic synergy that Electric Peace puts forth.

The group’s latest offering also comes with an alluring music video. The production totes various scenes featuring Electric Peace band members playing their noted instruments white in the background we see spotty images of smoke and fire along the various landscapes reinforcing the song’s retro appeal. Hate Is A Special Feeling is a winner!

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