Originally from Indiana, the rock band known as Status Foe will be releasing their new album titled Falling Awake on April 20th, 2022. Status Foe’s creative ingenuity is uniquely found upon a sound that draws elements from various rock music genres.  The group’s musical craftiness gives a harmonic sheen to the overall production.

Falling Awake is a gifted album that is comprised of twelve heavy-handed musical gems that appear to capture the essence of everyday life. Status Foe has put forth an offering that is truly charming. The album opens with an enchanting track titled Call It As It Is, which is a gold mine of unorthodox guitar riffs and invigorating percussion that gives the listener something to think about.

Status Foe’s inventiveness provides the depth and continuity to keep the listener intrigued. Tracks like It Was Overstated and the title song Falling Awake are perfect examples of the band’s dexterity and thirst for innovation, as we fall into a magical fusion of blues and psychedelia music that are utterly timeless.

Falling Awake by Status Foe is a full plate of brilliant musicianship that surpasses the borders of genre and possesses something for people of all walks of life and interests while maintaining its fullness. Bravo!


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