Based out of New Hampshire comes veteran musician, singer, and songwriter David Lockwood. His new album titled The Rest Is History is a wonderful testimony that display’s Lockwood’s talent and musical insights.

The Rest Is History begins with the soulful Blue On Blue. The tune sets a wonderful tone for the textured rhythms and harmonies that distinguishes David Lockwood’s sound from others. The eclectic grooves of Koko Sioux is a stirring amalgamation of blues, funk, and some elements of pop music. The song has a very rich bassline and exhibits much of the flavored instrumentation that we see throughout the project.

Lockwood keeps our interest with fine piano arrangements and tavern-groomed melodies as we see in such heart-warming tunes like Julie. Additionally, Lockwood adds a blanket of warmth with sincere strides in vocalization along with crisp harmonies. The Rest Is History by David Lockwood is a journey into a world where music is gold that feeds the soul.


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