Word on the street is that Jada Pinkett-Smith has patented her own version of Yoko Ono’s love potion. Allegedly, this concoction contains fragments of Jada’s menstrual blood that put a spell on a promising Will Smith.

Fast forward, after it was discovered that Jada had an affair with her son’s friend August Alsina, which she admittedly reduced to an “entanglement,” the Smith family has become a global laughing stock. The only person that is buying Jada’s fleshlight is Will Smith. Jada’s platform is minute in comparison to her husband’s, but she has access to his money and a degree in pegging to prove it.

Recently, a video has surfaced of Jada laughing when Will Smith smacked the blackness out of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar Awards ceremony. Clearly, Will Smith is a broken man and Jada is the catalyst behind his downfall by killing his brand. Why Jada? Haven’t you’ve learned anything from history?

People forget that not even less than a year after John Lennon was assassinated, Yoko Ono had not only moved her new lover Sam Havadtoy into the home that she once shared with John Lennon, but insisted that he wear Lennon’s clothes. In a similar fashion, Jada Pinkett-Smith is just waiting to become a widow.  How so? If you knew that Tupac’s demise was the result of the life that he led, why would you insist that Will imitate such without expecting a different outcome?!!!

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