Based out of Louisiana, southern rocker Beaux Atkins ignites a flame of creativity with his latest offering titled Redfearn. The album carries a deep sentimental value, as it was inspired by the life of Adkins’ grandfather Frankie Redfearn. Although the two never met, Frankie Redfearn’s persona and the fear and respect he commanded as a former Special Forces operative in Vietnam is purely legendary. Yet, the hereditary link established between forefather and descendant is talent and Beaux Atkins makes this perfectly clear with Redfearn.

The new album is a delightful journey and musical fusion streamlined as Americana with elements of country rock, blues, and a touch of psychedelia for a timeless haziness that stretches the project’s continuity for generations to come. Redfearn opens with a note of appreciation and life’s praises for the higher power that Atkins acknowledges in the song “Jesus Is on My Side”. The track also sets the tone for what is to follow and the instrumental freshness that we can expect for the album’s entirety.

Redfearn is truly a masterpiece that comes with a huge share of future favorites like the funky “Put Me In My Right Mind”. Redfearn’s Memphis rock sound is simply spectacular and Atkins is able to put the icing on the cake with an incredible performance. Redfearn by Beaux Atkins is one album that will surely stand the test of time.



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