Australian musical artist Slide Milligan has released an astonishing debut album titled Blood Red River. Milligan’s journey encompasses the story of a striving artist, who put aside his musical dreams in order to build a trade in rural fencing and woodworking. Still, as the years passed Milligan kept writing music and built a collection of songs. Now at the ripe age of fifty-two, Milligan has turned his life’s dream into a marvelous display of talent.

Blood Red River is a work of art. Milligan’s debut effort is comprised of twelve tracks that possess an organic rock sound. The album infuses vibes from Americana, blues, folk, and progressive rock music styles for a distinct and promising sonic forum that works brilliantly in making Milligan’s ideas come to life. Additionally, what is most satisfying is the musicianship and Milligan’s vocal performance.

The musicians on Blood Red River approach the recording of the album as if they are on the concert stage. It is within the spirit of this form of artistry that we find a listener’s delight of extended play moments and premiere solos. Blood Red River by Slide Milligan is certainly worth the while.


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